Welcome to Outreach for Hope

Outreach for Hope supports life-giving ministries that serve with the people of low income communities in the Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA. These ministries not only provide help with daily necessities, but most importantly, they are centers in the heart of their communities for providing transformation and hope. Outreach for Hope seeks donations primarily from generous individuals. It also receives gifts from organizations and from special offerings of congregations.

Outreach for Hope radio interview

Listen to an interview with Maripat Monahan, Advancement Director about the mission of Outreach for Hope.  Courtesy of interviewer Pr. Kathleen Panning and the Aflame Ministry weekly radio show. https://www.spreaker.com/user/bbm_global_network/aflmae-ministry-show-74

Seeking: Executive Director

Since 1995 Outreach for Hope (OFH) has brought together the philanthropic vision and generosity of its donors, with the Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and community partners, around the complex issues of poverty in Southeastern Wisconsin.  The mission of Outreach for Hope is to financially support ministries that transform lives…

2019 OFH Family Bike Ride Shatters Goal!

2019 OFH Family Bike Ride Shatters Goal! Thanks to our riders, volunteers, virtual riders, supporting donors and sponsors, the 2019 Outreach for Hope Family Bike Ride has shattered its $110,000 goal, with a final tally of $129,154! Please visit our Bike Ride page at ofhbikeride.com for more details.