Please read the following before beginning your application!

1. Please complete each section of the form before proceeding.  Be sure to click ‘Submit’ (on the last page) when you are finished. You should receive an email confirmation immediately after submitting.

2.  Feel free to page through the form before completing it. PLEASE NOTE that you cannot save this form and return to it later. You must complete it fully and hit ‘submit,’ or your data will be lost.

Here is an (optional) downloadable worksheet which lists all of the questions from the form. Use this to research and organize your answers prior to filling out the for below.


3.  The questions on this form are virtually identical in substance and order to last year’s grant application. If you would like a copy of your application from last year for reference, please contact

4.  Once you have completed this form, please don’t forget to also submit your budget information by email, as explained within the form.

Questions?  Contact Phil Smith at  Thank you for applying for an Outreach for Hope grant!