Challenges for getting started…

1. OFH CHALLENGE: Visit this page to learn more about Outreach for Hope. Stay connected by signing up for our email list, liking us on Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

2. CONGREGATIONAL TEAM CHALLENGE: While you’re registering for the Outreach for Hope 2020 Ride/Run/Walk, check to see if your congregation has a team yet. If it does, join it. If not, create one:

  • For the question, “Would you like to join or create a team?” select ‘Yes’
  • Check the dropdown menu to see if your congregation has already created a team.  If so, choose that team from the list. 
  • If not – use the box that appears to create a team for your congregation. Please name the team with your congregation’s name and city, i.e. “St. Matthew’s, Wauwatosa” or “Atonement, Muskego.”

Which congregation can get the most participants signed up?

3. #WhyIRide CHALLENGE: Once you’ve registered, spread the word with your Facebook friends! Post a short status explaining why you’re participating, along with a link to your personal fundraising page and the hashtags: #WhyIRide (or #WhyIRun, or #WhyIWalk), #ofhConnect, and #ofhRideRunWalk. Here’s an example:

Just signed up for @Outreach for Hope 2020 Ride/Run/Walk! I’m riding because even though we can’t meet in person, we can still connect virtually to help support awesome ministries right here in our backyard! #WhyIRide #ofhConnect #ofhRideRunWalk #GiveLocal

Read our social media blog post for more tips and tricks.

4. FACEBOOK GROUP CHALLENGE: Join our Facebook group, and make a post introducing yourself to the community.

5. FACEBOOK WALL ‘TAKEOVER’ CHALLENGE: Download and use our Facebook cover photo on your personal profile, and add this frame to your profile picture. Make sure to add a link to your personal fundraising page to the photo descriptions!

6. THE MORE THE MERRIER CHALLENGE: Personally invite five friends or family members to register. Help us reach our goal of registering 625 participants!

7. PACESETTER CHALLENGE: Figure out who’s the Pacesetter for your congregation– or if you don’t have one yet, help recruit one! Contact Jeff Dohlby at 414-234-9620 or with questions.

Challenges for fundraising…

8. PERSONAL FUNDRAISING STORY CHALLENGE:  Use your imagination and write a creative story for your personal fundraising page description. The more creative and heartfelt, the better! Remember to share your story – and the link to your fundraising page – via email and social media.

9. SPONSORED MILES CHALLENGE: Get someone to commit to donating a set dollar amount for each mile you log during the Outreach for Hope 2020 Ride/Run/Walk (use our pledge form linked here). Help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 for our ministry partners!

10. MINISTRY PARTNER CHALLENGE: We’ve created a blog post featuring six different Outreach for Hope ministry partners. Pick your favorite, and copy and paste the provided text into a post to your personal Facebook profile– just remember to replace the bolded text with a link to your personal fundraising page!

11. FIVE x FIVE CHALLENGE: In honor of Outreach for Hope’s 25th anniversary, ask five friends to make a donation in an increment of 5 (i.e., $5, $25, $50).

12. FUNDRAISING SUPERSTAR CHALLENGE:  You don’t have to raise tens of thousands of dollars to be a fundraising superstar– sometimes, a lot of smaller donations can go a long way! Can you get 25 or more friends, family members and acquaintances to donate to your personal fundraising page?

Challenges for fitness…

13. MILEAGE TRACKER CHALLENGE: Before your first trail, learn how to use our mileage tracker to keep count of your riding, running or walking. Who will log the most total miles with it? Help us reach our goal of logging 25,000 miles by September 30!

14. COUNTY CHALLENGE: Plan a ride, run or walk in three or more counties in Southeast Wisconsin. Be sure to take and share photos at the start of each trail! How many counties can you cover? Here’s a list of suggested trails to get you started.

15. CONGREGATION ROUNDUP CHALLENGE: How many Greater Milwaukee Synod churches can you pass in one ride, run or walk? Here’s a list congregations within a mile of major trails to get you started. Be sure to take and share photos with the sign at each church!

16. THEMED TRAIL CHALLENGE: Create a trail between churches based on a theme, and share a photo from your route. Here are some ideas:

  • Congregations named after disciples
  • Congregations with the same name
  • Congregations in the same city or county
  • Congregations that are increments of 5 miles apart (in honor of our 25th anniversary)

17. SHAKING THINGS UP CHALLENGE: Ride, run or walk to a place you’ve never visited. Be sure to share a photo!

18. TRIUNE CHALLENGE: Log a bike ride, a run, AND a walk before September 30. Take a photo at the start of each trail, and share a collage of your photos once you’re done with the challenge!

19. MINISTRY PARTNER VISIT CHALLENGE: Where does your support for Outreach for Hope go?  See for yourself! Plan a ride, run or walk to one or more of our ministry partners.

20. PERSONAL HEALTH GOAL CHALLENGE: Create your own personal health goal to accomplish between now and September 30. Track your progress and share your success!

Challenges for connection…

21. T-SHIRT CHALLENGE: Once you receive it in the mail, share a photo of you in your new Outreach for Hope 2020 Ride/Run/Walk t-shirt. Get creative! Wear it over other clothing items, with face paint or props, with pets, or at a special location (i.e., a local landmark, another city, out of state, etc.).

22. NATURE PHOTO CHALLENGE: Pay attention to your surroundings during your ride, run or walk. Snap a photo of what you see– trees, plants, lakes, beautiful skies, interesting animals –and share the photo with the Facebook group.

23. PHYSICALLY DISTANT, SOCIALLY CONNECTED CHALLENGE: Plan a physically distanced walk with someone that you wouldn’t normally have a conversation with. At the end of the walk, each of you can take a selfie, and share a collage of the two photos.

24. DEVOTIONAL CHALLENGE:  How did you experience the presence of God on your ride, run or walk? Write a short devotional based on your experience, and share it on the Facebook group.

25. CHALLENGE CHALLENGE:  Accomplish 10 or more challenges to join the Challenge Hall of Fame on our website. Email with a list of challenges you’ve completed and any accompanying photos to complete this challenge!