Our Family Ride Run Walk isn’t just about fundraising $165K for grants to our Ministry Partners… It’s also a great opportunity to build community and work in fellowship with other members of your congregation, by participating in the event as a team!

We’ve pre-created an online team fundraiser for every GMS congregation to help collect donations as a group leading up to the Family Ride Run Walk on the morning of Saturday, September 24. Read on for some FAQ’s…

How do I join my congregation’s team fundraiser?

  • If you haven’t registered for the event, click here, then select “Join a team.” Use the search bar to find and select your congregation’s team, then complete the registration process (see help article here if you get stuck). Be sure to save the login information you set up during registration, and make sure you get a confirmation email!
  • If you have registered for the event, click here, scroll down to “Support a Fundraiser.” Select “Fundraising Team” from the dropdown menu, and use the search bar to find and select your congregation’s team. Click the green “JOIN TEAM” button (see help article here if you get stuck).
  • Your congregation’s Team Captain can also invite you to register.
  • If you get stuck, you can also email us at info@outreachforhope.org and we’ll add you to your congregation’s team.

How do people donate to our team fundraiser? There are two ways people can donate to your team fundraiser…

  • ONLINE (preferred): The easiest way to collect donations is to share the link to your online team fundraiser with potential donors, who can then click the “DONATE” button. Donors can also find your team by going to give.classy.org/OFHRRW2022, scrolling down to “Support a Fundraiser,” selecting “Fundraising Team” from the dropdown menu, and using the search bar.
  • BY MAIL: Offline donors should make a check out to “Outreach for Hope”, with “RRW” and your team name in the memo line. Mail the check to PO Box 341695, Milwaukee WI 53234. We will then credit the donation to your team from the back end.

Do donations to my individual fundraising page also go towards my team’s fundraising goal? Yes! All donations made directly to your individual fundraiser will also be credited to any teams you’ve joined. When donating to a team online, donors can also designate a specific individual fundraiser they’d like their donation to be credited to as well.

How do I edit my team fundraiser? Your congregation’s Team Captain should register for the event, join your congregation’s team using the process described above, and then email us at info@outreachforhope.org to be identified as Team Captain. (The Team Captain is normally your congregation’s pacesetter – if you’re not sure who that is, or if your congregation does not have a pacesetter, contact us at info@outreachforhope.org.) The Team Captain should then get an email with a link to access their team fundraiser — or, they can visit the login page linked here — using the login information they set up during registration. Once logged in, they can make edits and invite team members.

Does everyone from our team have to attend at the same location? No! While you may choose to all attend the same site as a congregation, members from the same fundraising team can register to attend at different sites.

How do we get a personalized t-shirt? All team fundraisers with five or more members by 11:59 pm on Friday, September 2 will get their team name added to their members’ free event t-shirts.

What now? Once you’ve set up your online Team Fundraiser, there are lots of ways to get involved and engaged as a team, both online and off! Here are some ideas…

  • Make the Most of Your Online Fundraiser: Customize the name, photo, description and more of your team fundraising page. Team Captains and team members can also post comments on the page to share progress, encouragement, and more!
  • Fundraise and Share Your Progress: Set a fundraising goal or challenge based on a number that’s significant for your congregation. Start a friendly competition to see which team member can raise the most funds or invite the most people to register. Share your team’s progress in your church newsletter, in regular announcements during worship, and on social media using the hashtag #OFHRRW2022 (pro tip: try posting a photo or video too).
  • Spread the Word in Your Congregation: Invite your youth group, leadership board, and small groups to join your team. Set up an informational table at coffee hour, host an adult forum or plan a team fellowship event. Host an all-congregation team walk, ride or run this summer. Encourage members who don’t want to walk, ride or run to join your team as a volunteer.
  • Connect Outside Your Congregation: Does your church partner with other churches in the synod? Consider connecting with their team to celebrate your partnership at one of the event locations!

What if I want to make a team that’s not a congregation? If you’d like to create a new team fundraiser, please email us at info@outreachforhope.org.

…We hope that answers any questions you might have about how to take your team fundraising to the next level. Stay tuned for next week’s email about how to fundraise as an individual!


Join your congregation’s team if you haven’t already. If you’re a Team Captain, personalize your fundraising page and make a plan for one way you can engage with your team this year.

Posting on social media? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #OFHRRW2022