Outreach for Hope is now recruiting Pacesetters for our 2020 Family Bike Ride!

Pacesetters are volunteers who help spread us the word about the Bike Ride in their home congregations. They do not have to be a bike rider themselves, and the time commitment is minimal.

Here’s what Pacesetters are asked to do:

  • RECRUIT: The Bike Ride needs riders to register, volunteers to assist, businesses to sponsor the ride, and donors to make donations. Tell your bike-riding friends about the ride; encourage your friends who don’t bike to volunteer or donate to the ride. Ask your employer to be a sponsor; ask your friends if their employers would be willing to be a sponsor. Ride or volunteer at the Bike Ride yourself, or register as a ‘virtual rider’ and raise donations from home!
  • COMMUNICATE: With materials we provide, help get the word out about the Bike Ride to your congregation! Spread the word on social media; once regular worship resumes, ensure that your church is putting up our posters; mention the ride at worship services and in newsletters; ask if you can make an announcement or do a temple talk before worship

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a Pacesetter yourself, we challenge you to share the flyer linked here with at least one person you think might be. We’re also asking congregations to help us by sharing this announcement and flyer in their e-newsletters and social media.

To learn more about becoming a Pacesetter, contact our Pacesetter Coordinator, Jeff Dohlby (414-234-9620 or jelly_donuts@juno.com).