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We welcome your gifts via whichever payment method is most convenient for you! Gifts can go to work immediately in supporting Outreach for Hope ministries.

Check or money order
Checks and money orders should be sent directly to the Outreach for Hope office.  Please download and complete the Donation Form linked below and include it with your donation.

Credit card
Your credit card can be used for donations in two ways, online or by mail:

  • Online
    Visit our online donation webpage to give online.
  • By Mail
    Download and complete the Donation Form linked below and fill out the credit card information along with the contact information.

Electronic Transfer
You can have gifts transferred directly from your bank account.  This is best done online. Click on the “Donate Now” button (on the right) and choose to give from your savings or checking account in the giving options.

Gift Acknowledgement
All gifts are acknowledged with a letter of receipt, including the amount of your donation.

Matching Gifts
Does your employer offer matching gifts? Please let us know – see the ‘Gifts Matched by Companies’ tab above for more information.

Because the needs of Outreach for Hope congregations and ministries are on-going, we are grateful for those who make a commitment of support beyond a one-time gift.  This gives Outreach for Hope a clearer picture of it’s expected donations, and allows you to give in whatever rhythm works for you: annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.  You can arrange for automatic donations through your bank account or credit card.  Outreach for Hope encourages donors to consider a three-year pledge. Please note your pledge on the Donation Form linked below.

You may wish to check if your employer has a matching donation program by which the company matches the gift of their employees with a corporate gift.  Often the company provides a form to give to the charity at the time of your donation.  Please indicate your company’s involvement as you fill out the Donation Form linked below.  For recognition purposes, we credit matching gifts to the employee unless otherwise informed.

Stocks, bonds, and similar assets make excellent gifts to Outreach for Hope and are gladly received.  Such donations enable the donor to claim the current market value of the assets as a tax deduction, while taxes on capital gains and transfer fees are avoided.  Outreach for Hope will liquidate these assets at the time they are received.  Please fill out the Stock Donation Form linked below and submit it to inform us of the intended transfer.  Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a letter outlining the details of your donation.

The EIN # for Outreach for Hope is 20-5218843.

Both commercial and residential real estate can be donated to Outreach for Hope.  In some instances, gifts of residential real estate may be designed to allow you and your spouse to occupy the property during your lifetime(s), while reaping immediate and substantial tax benefits.  Real estate gifts are subject to acceptance approval by the Outreach for Hope Board of Directors and the Greater Milwaukee Synod Council. Contact Phil Smith at 414.671.1212 for more information.

Giving to memorialize the life of someone you love is an excellent way to remember them and to make their memory a blessing for others.  Their name will be listed in Outreach for Hope publications.  All giving options listed on this site can be expressed as a memorial.

You may also honor the living, with a gift in the name of someone special in your life.

Please note the details of your memorial gift or gift of honor on the Donation Form linked below. We are happy to send a letter of recognition, on behalf of memorial and/or ‘in honor of’ gifts, to any address of your choosing. (You may also ask that we keep your identity anonymous, if you wish.)

Our most popular fundraising event of the year is our annual Family Bike Ride. From June through September, there are numerous ways to make donations to Outreach for Hope around this event:

  • PREFERRED METHOD: Visit the Family Bike Ride website via www.ofhbikeride.com.  (Here, you will have the option of clicking through to the Waukesha or Ozaukee rides.) Follow the instructions to make your donation in support of an individual or team, or look for the Outreach for Hope fundraiser page to make a general bike ride donation.
  • Donate online at this website, by clicking DONATE NOW to your right. Be sure to specify the intent of your donation in the drop-down menu (both bike rides are given as options).
  • Donate by mail, using the Donation Form linked below. If your donation is meant in support of an individual or team at either bike ride, please note this on the form.

NEW IN 2019: You may choose to designate your gift towards the Jim & Paula Bickel OFH Bike Ride Scholarship Fund. Find more details HERE. 


BUSINESSES: If you would like to SPONSOR one (or more) of our Bike Rides, please visit our Sponsorship Page.

The EIN # for Outreach for Hope is 20-5218843.

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