Hephatha makes worship, holy communion and holy baptism the starting place to care for its members and the special needs of young people, while putting a strong emphasis on life-giving partnerships in the church’s neighborhood.

One of their ministries is the Strong Baby Sanctuary, which provides new and expectant parents spiritual support group, counseling, education, and free supplies including diapers and lead-free pitchers. Additionally, Hephatha is a founding member and host of COLE (Coalition on Lead Emergency).

2020 UPDATE:  In such a challenging year, Hephatha’s ministries continue to inspire awe. 2020 saw them grow their Strong Baby Sanctuary, and perhaps most remarkably, their Coalition on Lead Emergency was able to secure $3.5 million in funding from the City of Milwaukee towards fighting lead poisoning (Hephatha sits on one of the most lead-poisoned census tracts in the city.) 

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