“Where I was raised, a high school education is not free. Girls are often steered by their parents to take on a homemaker role, and not to get an education, because of the cost.”


These sentiments were shared by the eight women, most originally from Mexico, who are currently enrolled in GED classes at the ELCA Outreach Center in Kenosha, a program supported by Outreach for Hope. When asked why they wanted their GED, or high school equivalency certificate, one after another shared:


“I want to show my kids what they can do, and I want to be able to help them with their homework so they can get through school… something I did not have the opportunity to do earlier in my life. I want to improve my English, and I hope to get a better job, but mostly it’s for my kids.”

Education is the gateway to a better life…

Whether these adult students stay in the U.S. or return to Mexico, their job prospects will be better if they have a high school education. For Acquantis, getting her GED means she can go on to attend Gateway Technical College where she plans to study culinary arts and hopes one day to work in a 5-star restaurant.

Earning a GED requires commitment, and you can help…

Whatever the motivation or future intention, earning the GED is not that easy. Each student must pass a  test in each of four subjects: science, math, social studies, and language arts. They must also pass a civics exam. The ELCA Outreach Center provides 12-15 week preparation classes for each of the four academic tests in both English and Spanish. It typically takes someone one to two years to complete the full coursework and successfully pass all four tests.

Costs to prepare for and take the GED tests can reach $360 or more, including text books and coursework. With your financial support, Outreach for Hope is able to underwrite programs at the ELCA Outreach Center, such as the GED preparation courses, at no charge for low-income participants. The center also provides free childcare during class time. Thanks to your Outreach for Hope donations, the ELCA Outreach Center continues to offer life-changing programs, Bible study and a loving environment for our brothers and sisters who need a helping hand to become self-sufficient.