As we kick off that time-honored tradition of celebrating the best football teams of the year at the Big Game, we’d like to ask you to join Team OFH for our annual Super Bowl Food Drive!

Over 150,000 people in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha Counties are food insecure (Source: Feeding America). That’s almost enough people to fill Lambeau Field twice over! Would you consider sharing food with people in our community who are struggling to feed their families?

Ways to Give

Here’s how you can help leading up to Super Bowl Sunday on February 11…

OPTION 1: Donate Food

Contact one or more of our participating OFH Ministry Partner(s) to determine what food items they need currently, and to arrange delivery of your donations leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Then, collect food items on your own or in a coordinated drive with your congregation or others in your community.

OPTION 2: Amazon Food Wish List Purchase

Use our Amazon Wish List to purchase food items to be delivered to a central location and distributed to participating OFH Ministry Partners.

OPTION 3: Donate Funds

Make a gift in a multiple of $2.80 (ex: $19.60, $78.40, $112, etc.) – the average cost of providing one meal to a person in need (Feeding America). Your donation will be shared with feeding ministries run by OFH Ministry Partners, so they can purchase the exact food items that will serve their clients best.

As siblings in Christ, we know the importance of caring for one another. We pray that we will all embrace this opportunity to work together as a synod to share with those who don’t have enough food today.