The Grant Application deadline for 2020 has now passed.  Please bookmark this page and return in Fall 2020 for information on how to apply for a 2021 Grant.

Grant Requests

Considering a Grant Application for 2020?

Applications for the 2020 Grant Year are now being accepted. Please read the following information carefully as you prepare your application.


Outreach for Hope provides funds for congregation-based ministries…

  • which are directly affiliated with the Greater Milwaukee Synod – ELCA, and within the geographical boundaries of the Greater Milwaukee Synod.
  • which include, in the core of their mission, ministry among people of their surrounding community faced with issues of poverty.
  • which do outreach into their community, seeking to engage those in their neighborhood in spiritual and congregational life.
  • which, on their own, would find it challenging to financially sustain outreach ministries that can significantly impact the community.
  • which engage their own members in the ministry.
  • which invest their own financial resources to support the mission for which funds are requested.


Forms and Resources:

There are three files which pertain to this application. You will need all three files to properly file your grant application. All three can be downloaded below.

FundingTargetDescrip 2020 Update

  • A background document which describes in detail the Four Targets of Transformation that will be funded by Outreach for Hope in 2020.
  • You will need this to use as a reference for filling out the Grant Application.


  • Grant Application Form: This is the major form you will need – it is a .pdf form with instructions which allow you to fill in the information and return it electronically by email to Outreach for Hope.
  • Directions to use the grant application form are included on the first page. Please read them carefully and follow the directions to help you fill in, save and send your form.  If you have questions or problems, call us at 414-671-1212.

OFH-Budget-Template 2020 Rev.

  • A template provided in Excel format with sample categories and numbers which you replace with your own categories and numbers.
  • Using the Outreach for Hope budget form is required.



  • Applications and all related material are due by October 1, 2019.
  • The Application, Budget and relevant files are to be sent together as attached files via email to
  • Outreach for Hope will acknowledge by email that your forms have been received.
  • Please include within the text of the email all contact information for the person submitting the file.
  • For assistance in preparing your application you may call Phil Smith or Maripat Monahan at 414-671-1212.
  • Awards will be decided by November 30, 2019.